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You love home-made bread and want to create results similar to or even better than a bakery the Zojirushi could be what you need, with a gluten-free setting it sets it apart from most of its competitors.


Capable of making 2 pound bread loaves the BB-PAC20 will not shy away from making good-sized bread, its dimensions are 13″ x 18″ x 10.5″ meaning it can create traditional large style loaves. With 700 W of power it is efficient in the time it takes while producing one loaf of bread in about two hours.

One feature of the BB-PAC20 is the dual kneading blades, the benefit of having two blades is kneading dough is very fast and thorough, if you are making gluten-free bread or even wholegrain, this helps with the overall consistency and texture while allowing for the loaf to be easily detached from the bread pan rather than the blades being stuck within the loaf.

An LCD control panel sets three crust shades, 10 preprogrammed settings and sets the time. It’s been cleverly designed that the user can keep a close eye on things. With a close eye in mind you can easily keep track of the baking process by the viewing window into the bread maker. The BB-PAC20 has handles on the baking pan for easy handling and removal at the end of the process to make sure everything is succinct and simple as it could be.

Zojirushi BB-PAC20 on Amazon

Features and functions

With many new menu settings on the BB-PAC20 it’s actually quite fun to use! The crust options are light medium and dark and there are also presets that include cake, gluten-free bread, sourdough, jam and wheat bread. A clever feature to note about this Zojirushi breadmaker is the ability to program it to remember basic settings for heat and time, this means if you have a secret recipe then you can store it on the BB-PAC20 for later use.

The user-friendly clever design does not stop there however, the time can be set for ingredients to rest to stabilise during the process. This is important if you’re a bread connoisseur because you can control even the most advanced parts of baking while saving time for the next batch! If however you like to knead the dough yourself before baking it the Zojirushi will allow you to take it out and put it in before baking, it may seem obvious however many bread makers once the process starts it is out of your hands, literally.

Delay baking by all to 3 hours

The BB-PAC20 can be set to delay baking cycle for up to 13 hours, essentially allowing you to set it before you go to bed to start making bread for toast for 8 AM, this is a really useful little idea. I love the smell of fresh bread in the morning.

Amazon ratings and reviews

With nearly 1000 reviews to date the ‘Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker with Gluten Free Menu setting’ has the best score I’ve seen of any breadmaker so far, 85% of users give it five out of five. This is testament to the quality and value for money Zojirushi products offer. Users compliment the ingenious features and its versatility in making all types of bread, very highly recommended.

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