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Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker – 100% Fruit Soft-Serve Maker

If you would like to learn a little bit more about what exactly the Yonanas hype is about, then read our review of the elite, the quietest yonanas desert maker ever!

Firstly this machine creates an ice cream like texture from bananas with other frozen fruit, all you do is place two or three bananas through the top chute and add in other fruits. The yonanas elite desert maker will compress the fruits and other ingredients and turn it into a healthy nutritious treat.

With two times more power than the original yonanas, it manages to be so much quieter which really is a blessing, if you have owned one of the earlier yonanas models then you will definitely appreciate how quiet the elite is in comparison. It takes much less time to get the same results with a more powerful motor.

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Upon receiving my new yonanas desert maker, I immediately googled for recipes. The community behind this single product is testament to the quality of it, there are entire websites dedicated to recipes to use with this desert maker. My recipe was caramel Apple;

Two frozen ripe bananas
150 g frozen apple pieces
7 pitted medjool dates
2 frozen strawberries

I then thawed the fruit out and pressed each ingredient through the top chute one at a time, I placed a bowl beneath the bottom chute and the mixture poured out similarly to ice cream. As I sat eating the finished product I thought to myself ‘this would stop an ice cream craving’. When I realised this I thought about the health benefits and how easy it was to get nutrition from pure fruit, it really is a clever way to mix fruits together and make a blend of flavours.

My fruit bowl is now always full for when I come up with new ideas!

Although yonanas suggests starting every recipe with bananas, I assume because that is a base that the yonanas elite frozen healthy desert maker can cope with. It is not necessary to always use bananas, you can just use mango or any other fruits with similar constitution. It has no buttons simply a switch on the side of it to turn it on and off so its simple to use.


Cleaning is very simple with the Yonanas Elite, the chute, plunger and grinder blade are all removable and dishwasher safe, it’s very easy to take apart and put back together taking no more than a minute.

Amazon reviews

Collecting over 350 reviews the Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker is a very popular product with the Amazon community, the reviews are full of users submitting their recipes which again proves the fun community aspect of owning this. Three out of four reviewers give five stars, many praise the ice cream like texture and sorbet style taste claiming it could easily be replaced instead of ice cream and kids wouldn’t know the difference! One negative is the amount of noise it makes, but considering the yonanas elite only takes a few minutes to operate it’s not a problem, if they had the old version perhaps they wouldn’t even mention it!

Yonanas have made good improvements with the elite desert maker, it now works faster, it’s much quieter and it’s a brilliantly unique way to eat healthy without even realizing it!

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