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There’s a lot of debate about which oil is best to cook with, although it varies depending on what you cook, what should be your go-to cooking oil?


Traditionally a product of India it’s a clarified butter used often in curry. It has many health benefits and it’s rich in vitamin A, D and K. It’s also high in linoleic acid, believed to have anti-cancer benefits. Ghee research

Which oil should you cook with?

Coconut oil

Despite it being quite a strong flavor coconut oil is pretty healthy, aiding in weight loss, keeping skin glowing and boosting metabolism coconut oil has plenty going for it. It also has a high smoke-point. With only 2% of it being polyunsaturated fat it’s not the healthiest available, and it has the highest saturated fat of any cooking oil, so I recommend using it sparingly.

Coconut oil benefits

Olive oil

Olive oil is the most commonly used cooking oil, due to it’s versatility and ability to carry flavor seamlessly without tainting the taste of food. Olive oil has a lower smoke-point than some of it’s competitors, however it has anti-inflammatory properties.

A study has found that the risk of Alzheimer’s disease can be reduced by consuming an olive oil rich diet. Although the study was in Mice research found that people who suffer from this disease have excess protein tangles called beta amyloid plaques, the study found that a substance in olive oil helped reduce the buildup. Here’s a link to the study.

Best cooking oil

Sesame oil

Sesame oil is another oil that can detract from the original flavor of food, however it is one of the best oils to cook with, here’s why. It’s high in polyunsaturated fats and low in saturated fats, it also is beneficial for dental, heart and bone health while helping to regenerate and grow new skin cells.

Sesame oil also contains high amounts of tyrosine, which is known to increase serotonin activity in the brain, meaning cooking with this oil can reduce anxiety and promote feelings of happiness and well-being.

Which oil should you cook with?

Which oil should you cook with?

Vegetable Oils

Unfortunately it’s not all good news, vegetable oils are a fairly popular oil to cook with, however they contain harmful amounts of trans-fats, or unsaturated fat, which can lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. Avoid vegetable oil at all costs, if you heard they were healthy, or just assumed they were due to the name, you may have been mislead.


Butter gets a bad rep due to being high in saturated fats, however it’s actually fine to cook with when used sparingly. Those saturated fats are a necessary part of human diet, while recent studies have shown there is not a direct correlation between heart disease and saturated fats. Butter is also excellent source of vitamin K, which prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Make sure to buy grass fed butter and you’ll be doing your body good.

So which one should I buy?

It’s dependent on the nutrition you deem important and your dietary requirements, however olive oil is an excellent choice, with a fairly high smoke-point it is a large part of Mediterranean diets and doctors recommend Mediterranean diets for good all-round health.

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