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Features and specifications

Keep-warm function up to 12 hours
Non-stick inner pan
Retractable power cord
Spatula and rice measuring cup includes
Removable and washable steam vent

After using many rice cookers over the years I came to the conclusion that they can be a very mixed bag, some can be good others not so much, however the Tiger JNP-S18U is something that should be marvel. Despite its slightly higher price it takes only 15 minutes to cook rice while keeping it warm ready to eat.

Having owned the Tiger JNP-S18U rice cooker for four years I feel it has passed the durability tests, one time I had to go to the next door neighbours for a couple of hours and completely forgot that I left this on. I came back expecting to find porridge instead however the rice hadn’t even turned brown, the rice was fine to eat and didn’t even stick to the bottom of the rice cooker. It’s been used dozens of times since and saves hours in total, giving warm fluffy weightless yet tasty rice every time. If there are any leftovers they stay fluffy for the next day.

Tiger JNP-S18U HU on amazon

If you have experience using cheaper rice cookers you’ll be aware that although they do a decent job cooking rice, they don’t keep it soft for long. If you want to use the warm feature then a couple hours later the rice will have browned and turned harder. If however you like seconds later that day or even leftovers at the start of the following day the Tiger JNP-S18U is the right call. Sometimes when I see the Tiger JNP-S18U rice cooker being sold at various supermarkets I smile to myself and check to see if anyone is considering which rice cooker to buy, just to see if I can interject and tell them how good the Tiger rice cooker is!

After moving to three places over the years it proves it’s durability, the power cord retracts into the back of the slow cooker which shows clever engineering while the non-stick coating holds through the test of time also. In terms of the capacity I would recommend thinking about the size of your family, or whether you have parties/many guests you cook for. The reason for this is they are available in over five different sizes and the larger the rice cooker, the larger the least amount of rice needed to be cooked.

Amazon rating

Despite the price of the Tiger JNP-S18U rice cooker it pays for itself and more in time, Amazon users clearly agree, 77% of reviewers left the full five-star rating, not an easy score to achieve through reviews where people are looking to be critical.

The scores are indicative of the quality of the Tiger JNP-S18U and the fact that mine still works after many years is testament to the durability, I realize this review is short on negatives however I genuinely don’t have any to give, the non-stick coating is not as good as it once was however considering the time I’ve owned it that’s more than expected. if you are considering a rice cooker I would highly recommend the Tiger Rice Cooker and Warmer.

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