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We did a little research into some of the worst foods that can drastically affect your diet. Check out what we found, some may surprise you!

Granola – Extra sugar and calories added
Energy drinks
Syrup – Simply a different form of sugar
Fast food – One fast food meal a week can add 2 extra pounds each year
Soft drinks – Artificially sweetened beverages could be linked to weight gain
Sugar (added to anything including drinks, baking, cooking etc.)
Ice cream

The Worst Foods for a Healthy Diet

Cream is high in fat, plus additives and sweeteners result in an easy way to ruin all your hard work

Smoothies – Although they seem healthy, store-bought smoothies are loaded with preservatives and extra sugar to improve taste
Breakfast cereal – 15 grams or more of sugar per 100 grams of cereal
Flavored milk/milkshakes
Butter, lard, dripping or similar fat – poor quality fats
Nuts roasted in fat or oil
Breakfast bars
Frozen diet ready meals – Small portions with less vegetables, full of preservatives and salt (which results in water retention)
Chocolate – (Not dark)
Whole milk

White bread – Known to spike in blood sugar while offering little quality in calories
Hot chocolate
Veggie chips – Once oil salt and dressing is added they’re no longer healthy
Cream – Including sour cream and creme fraiche
Fruit juice
Canned fruit in syrup
Pizza – The dough is made from highly refined wheat flour, and the meats on them are usually processed. Pizza is also extremely high in calories.
Deli meats – High in sodium
Fried food – Due to the cooking process fried food has a very high fat content
The Worst Foods for a Healthy Diet
Salad bar condiments – Calories through bacon and dressings
Cordial – Full of artificial sweeteners
Condensed milk
Processed cheese – Filler ingredients engineered to have a similar look and texture to cheese
Cocktails – Up to 250 calories per drink!

The Worst Foods for a Healthy Diet

The Worst Foods for a Healthy Diet

Sausages – The FDA allows sausages to contain up to 50 percent fat
Frozen yogurt
Yogurt with more than 10 grams of sugar per 100 grams of yogurt
Alcoholic drinks

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