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T-fal GC702D OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill, 1800-watt

If you’re a person that isn’t sure about how to cook the perfect steak then the T-Fal optigrill may be the grill for you, whether medium rare or well done we’ll test how the optigrill compares to its competitors.

The design is quite ingenious despite its simplicity, with a power button and six food type buttons, including one to defrost the GC702D does most of the work itself. The options are Burgers, Poultry, Sandwiches, Sausage, Red Meat and fish. Then select rare, medium or well done. There is also a manual mode however using the preset function buttons are recommended.

Once you turn the T-Fal optigrill on we selected the meat function and the heat option changed to a purple colour, this means that it is still preheating. Once it was ready to cook with it beeped, we then put on the meat, we put the lid on, it beeps once more when it is fully cooked. After this the light changes to a different colour depending on how long you leave your food cooking. When food is rare the light is yellow, when food is well done the light is red.

Our testing using the meat function was actually very impressive, it genuinely is really easy to use and when the light turned yellow we took the meat out and it was cooked on the outside and pink in the middle. The other steak was left in until the light turned to red and the meat was fully cooked throughout.

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Meet thickness sensor

The T-fal GC702D OptiGrill is smarter than the average grill by featuring a thickness sensor, it adjusts to the height of the meat therefore ensuring a quality cook regardless of the food or the thickness of it.

Because of the way the GC702D works food comes out with a beautiful searing similar to a barbecue. With a removable drip tray excess fat from the meat drips out of the tray making it a healthy choice for cooking. With a one-year warranty on the T-fal GC702D OptiGrill it gives peace of mind while buying from a reputable company such as T-Fal.


All the removable parts are dishwasher safe so once the base unit is wiped down it’s actually very simple to clean, because the removable drip tray contains all the fat from cooking just wait for it to solidify scrape it away and then place the tray in the dishwasher.

Amazon ratings and reviews

The T-fal GC702D OptiGrill has a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 after nearly 500 reviews, reviewers compliment how easy it is to clean and how easy it is to use with its colour system, it you’re looking to cook many foods at once perhaps you would be best suited getting a larger grill however the grill quality is great!

Overall the T-fal GC702D OptiGrill is recommended for any kitchen through its ergonomic design and ease of use. If however you need a larger grill perhaps look at the Hamilton Beach 2536.

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