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Simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can, Stainless Steel, 45 L / 11.9 Gal – View on amazon

Today we review the simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can, as you may already be aware simplehuman are the leading manufacturers of kitchen bins around the world.

When opening the simple human Butterfly step trash can the ergonomic well-engineered design is the first thing you’ll notice, the materials are well-chosen, the metal is excellent quality stainless steel and the plastic used feels well finished. Also included are starter liners which are welcome since most bins do not add these in.

When testing the simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can the step to open the lid felt mechanically strong and well-designed, Many pedal bins cut corners with the design and do not stand the test of time, this is not the case here.

Butterfly lid

If you have a kitchen that is on the smaller side or space is an issue the simplehuman butterfly is designed ingenuously for this problem. Because of the ‘butterfly’ wings the lid doesn’t open from the back needing space above the bin but rather from the sides, so just a mere few inches is all that’s needed. Again, testament to the clever design. What’s more is this bin is completely silent using lid shox technology, you simply open the bin and once you take your foot off the butterfly lids slowly draw together to close smoothly and silently.

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Dog and child safe

If you have young children or dogs filled with intrigue this bin will pay for itself over and over. The amount of times I have come home to see my dog staring back at me with puppy eyes with the contents of the bin all over the kitchen floor. This bin combats that by requiring a strong foot on the bottom so children and dogs need not apply! To be honest however, our dog hasn’t noticed the smell of food since we changed to this bin.

Adding to and child safety the simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can will bring you peace of mind because of being fingerprint proof, no more cleaning every day!

Amazon reviews and ratings

Simplehuman really do have a good thing going on here with the butterfly step trash can having an incredible 89% of customers give it five out of five stars. Over 402 reviews this is borderline impeccable.

The main positives to see from Amazon reviewers are its craftsmanship, its versatility in fitting in around your kitchen and its all-round clever functionality.

With so much positivity surrounding the simplehuman Butterfly Step Trash Can Stainless Steel 45L it’s hard to ignore how impressive it is, for something so basic yet necessary it really does surpass all expectations, highly recommended.

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