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Yogurt is a great snack, unfortunately though the biggest manufacturers out there put ‘baddies’ in their food, with artificial sweeteners and preservatives store-bought yogurt can be deceiving. Luckily here we have the Salton YM9, a yoghurt’s maker that allows you to have complete control over the recipe you use making sweet snacks for your family, or just yourself!

The design

With a glossy white finish and a round top it looks a little like R2-D2’s long-lost brother, rather ironically its feature packed also! It has a base, internal freezer bowl with lid and a transparent lid to help you see the process of yogurt making. Having a 1 quart capacity it cannot hold as much as the Cuisinart however it is more compact and I prefer the aesthetic design. The power cord is designed to fit into the base of the Salton YM9 so it takes up even less space and doesn’t leave any wires detracting from the tidiness of your kitchen.

The yogurt

I’ve never made yogurt before so I was actually quite interested in how this would work, all that was needed was the milk and yogurt ingredients. When everything was ready I added it to the YM9, closed the freezer bowl lid, the top lid and started it up. It doesn’t have any buttons to control anything however it seems to work fairly optimally. Yogurt is no fast creation as the cultures have to grow while it is made, with that in mind I left it for six hours to be safe and it automatically controls temperature. When I came back the yogurt was a lovely smooth texture tasting fresh and tart just as I like it. I would have liked the Salton YM9 to shut down automatically however this feature is not available with this yogurt maker.

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The Salton YM9 is easy enough to clean, just take the lid and freezer bowl out, and wipe the base down, I wouldn’t recommend using dishwasher liquid when cleaning the yoghurt maker as it may disrupt culture growth next time you use the YM9. Just use a non-acidic soap and wipe gently.

Amazon rating and reviews

With over 600 reviews on Amazon the Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker is a highly popular product used by many people, this is awesome as this means there is buzzing community of people happy to share their yogurt recipes using the same machine. Users seem very pleased with the value for money-making their own yogurt gives while enjoying being able to customize the flavor to their needs. One negative to note was that a lack of buttons and no timer means that if you do not turn it off once a cycle is done your yogurt is sitting there getting more and more sour.

Overall however the results using the Salton YM9 were really encouraging for a first-time user like myself, taking a lot of the speculation out of the process while delivering delicious yogurt.

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