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If you want to start making pasta at home then you should really check out our review of the Philips pasta maker, it will mix your dough and push it through the combing mechanism to produce a variety of pasta in four shapes from raw ingredients.


Weighing just over 17lbs and with a 200 Watt motor the Philips pasta maker has a 1600lb force during extrusion, what this means is that up to a pound of pasta can be made within 15 minutes. Obviously when you consider the amount of force in terms of elbow grease it would take to make a pounds worth of pasta it works out quite efficiently! Including four shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, fettuccine & Lasagna the ability to customize the type of pasta to make is actually quite fun to do with the family.
The four shaping discs fits conveniently within a draw towards the bottom of the Philips pasta maker unit, and with a window to look through while the pasta process takes place you can still keep an eye on what’s happening.

The pasta process

I have attempted to make pasta with more traditional ‘makers’ before and it’s safe to say it didn’t turn out successfully, so I was quite intrigued about whether it was me or the machine, I picked up my choice of pasta shape disc and attached it to the unit.. I added the ingredients, flour, water and egg through the top of the machine closed the lid and hope for the best. It ran surprisingly quietly in comparison to my old pasta maker and just under 15 minutes later the pasta was ready. The spaghetti that came out was genuine fresh pasta, not only did it surpass my expectations of being edible, it was really tasty fresh pasta!

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Obviously based on how easy it was to make its hard to get wrong however I was impressed with the results and it got me thinking about the potential creative twists I could make while creating pasta with the Philips pasta maker. I then went for a second go, added some very thin freshly chopped tomato and fresh basil and the results were even better. It was actually quite exciting.


Usually with pasta makers the cleaning is the hardest part, many parts have to be detached and cleaned individually by hand which makes you question whether it was even worth it. Luckily this isn’t the case with the Philips pasta maker. There are two protruding parts at the front that twist off leaving the paddle and container to detach easily. With nonstick metal paddles all you need to do is rinse them off then reattach, the four shaping discs can be cleaned easily using the cleaning tool the Philips pasta maker includes.

Amazon reviews

79% of consumers give Philips five out of five for the pasta maker and 9% give four out of five leaving only 12% leaving three or below, this gave an average score of 4.7 out of 5.0. It seems I’m not on my own when struggling to make pasta with older machines, after reading the reviews many users claim that the ease-of-use next to their old pasta makers or manual attempts bare no comparison to the quality of pasta made with the Philips pasta maker.

In conclusion if you would like to make pasta efficiently and actually enjoy the process that I really do recommend you try out the Philips pasta maker, it’s fun, it’s easy and the quality finished product is just brilliant!

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