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The Philips are fryer manages to cook with up to 70% less fat and can cook a variety of foods, but is it worth the price?

The design

The design of the HD9220/26 AirFryer is very compact but stylish with a glossy black exterior and rounded frame it fits into most kitchen designs seamlessly. With a capacity of 1.8lbs it can cook nearly a kilogram of food, the top of the air fryer is for the fan and the bottom is the cooking basket that slides out to add food.

The interface is really easy to use, just two dials that let you control the temperature from 80° to 390°C (very impressive heat for an air fryer!) and another dial for setting the time, up to 30 minutes. One slight problem that it wouldn’t be right to leave out of this review is the HD9220/26 has a wire coming out of the back, meaning it can’t be placed almost touching the wall but rather with a space about an inch between the wall in the air fryer.


The philips HD9220/26 earns its reputation as a healthier alternative to frying by using much less oil to lessen fat content, it also cooks slightly faster than a traditional fryer which is useful for efficiency. The quality of cooking when airfrying is actually quite impressive, by draining the excess fat while cooking and using rapid technology air is circulated throughout the device, excellent tasting food is achieved without an oily exterior. Baking is also possible with the HD9220/26, muffins come out looking and tasting as good as from the oven. Without the fat content you can expect food to be slightly drier than it would be from a traditional fryer but when the 70% less fat aspect is considered that’s normal, no significant change in taste and much better than a traditional oven.

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An excellent feature of having an air fryer, is that the whole house doesn’t smell like fat for the next 12 hours, no need to open windows the smell from cooking is not strong at all!

The fan can be heard while cooking however it is not loud and would not disrupt a radio, per say. Also it’s impossible to see through a window while cooking which is a slight shame, however trial and error will give an optimum cooking time and heat setting for food very quickly.

The HD9220/26 gains respect from its ability to not just fry but grill, roast and even bake food. With its 1.8lbs capacity I find only a few people can be fed at a time so if you have a larger family then possibly consider looking for a larger air fryer unless you’re content cooking in batches.

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Cleaning is not a problem with the Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer, the removable nonstick coated drawer and food basket are both dishwasher safe making for easy cleaning up. If you own a deep fat fryer then you may be aware of how difficult the units can be to clean, not the case here.

One last clever feature to note about the HD9220/26 is with an automatic shutdown feature, users can set food and not have to worry about it burning. Once cooking is finished the fryer automatically shuts down giving a sound alert when completed.

Amazon reviews

With 84% of Amazon reviewers leaving four or five stars out of five it’s definitely considered worth the money for most buyers. Reviews compliment the quality of chips using the HD9220/26, the most helpful review titled ‘close enough to fried for this Texan’. A few users claim they ended up buying two, one for their parents and other family members based on how easy it is to use and the results cooking with it.

In summary, the HD9220/26 AirFryer may seem slightly expensive but when you consider the health benefits, the ease of use and cleaning and no more fried smells lingering throughout the house it’s easy to see why Philips are scoring highly for this airfryer!

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