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Panasonic 1200W Countertop Microwave NN-SN651B

Panasonic 1200W 1.2 Cu. Ft Countertop Microwave Oven with Inverter Technology NN-SN651B Black

When choosing a microwave it is important to consider many factors, firstly if you’re cooking for a family you want to have enough space available to cook many meals at once, secondly, in these days when time is at a premium that you can cook healthy food fast and efficiently. In steps the Panasonic NN-SN651B.

This oven uses new technology patented by Panasonic to ensure thorough and even cooking, to do this it uses inverter technology which means if you cook something you can expect it to not be burned on the outside and still cold in the middle but rather well cooked throughout.

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Features and specifications

Inverter technology for even cooking to get the best out of your food
Turbo defrost setting
Delay start timer
13 1/2 inch turntable
Popcorn and other quick food buttons
10 power levels
Pushbutton to release door
Stainless steel face
Sleek design
Available in black, white and stainless steel

Panasonic 1200W NN-SN651B

It has an indoor light on so you can see how your food is coming along during cooking it and the door is fitted very well, the design works great and feels secure,  a sign of durability. The Panasonic NN-SN651B offers 1200 W of cooking power and offers a very useful feature called sensor cook, essentially evaluating the food you put in the microwave and cooks it automatically, pretty snazzy huh?!

It also has a mode to defrost food fast which is always useful if you cook for a family and don’t have time to plan meals every day, which I know I don’t. With its sleek looking design and 13.5 inch turntable you can cook many things at once which really can come in handy if you need space, one of the biggest microwave turntables on the market.

With 2260 reviews of this microwave it’s safe to say it’s a very popular product, its average rating on Amazon is 4.1 out of 5 stars. Two things users have noted about this Panasonic microwave is that it has five loud beeps once it has finished cooking which some have said is unnecessary and a bit loud however some say that the beeps are exaggerated and that it’s not a problem. One other problem with the Panasonic 1200 W 1.2 C.U is that the light does not come on when the microwave door is opened.

Overall however the reviews seem to be very positive with many saying it’s the best microwave the views and it looks very nice in their kitchen not taking up too much space. One excerpt from a review on Amazon states that microwave Panini meals are toasted well and it works great for ready meals and TV dinners. the size is an awesome benefit of this microwave too!

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In conclusion after research it’s easy to recommend the Panasonic 1200 W 1.2 C.U, to readers looking to upgrade their microwave.

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