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Cooking rice is a delicate procedure, but there’s a few tips on how to succeed every time so you can serve the fluffiest grains that don’t stick together!

In the food world rice holds a special place, a staple carbohydrate that’s a great side to nearly any dish providing nutrition all day long, rice really is the MVP. Originally from Asia, China produces and consumes the most rice, however India use basmati rice, Japan use vinegared sushi rice, while Italy choose Arborio for risotto dishes.

1. Rinse first – Because of the dry starch on rice it’s always beneficial to give it a quick rinse in cold water. This stops it sticking together during cooking, although this step isn’t really important it does help depending on the rice.

How to cook rice

A Colombian rice farmer

2. Measure – The ratio when cooking rice is often overlooked but it’s a very important step, I recommend that for every cup of rice you add in 2 cups of water, some may suggest slightly less but for medium to long grain rice this ratio is fine. If you cook basmati or brown rice perhaps add in a little more water as the evaporation will cause a slight loss.

Rice releases starch which is what makes it sticky.

3. Make sure you use a large pan – Rice expands while cooking so make sure to use a pan with a large diameter that can accommodate this, otherwise it’s much more likely to stick and clump.

Don’t stir the rice when cooking – it makes it clumpy.

4. The cook – Add in no more than a teaspoon of salt as the boiling water is added, some like to add butter near the start, I personally recommend a small amount of olive oil added to the water, it stops the rice sticking while cooking. Once cooking has begun lower the heat to the lowest setting and cover the pan with a lid.

How to Cook Perfect Rice

It happens!

Add spice like cardamom to rice.

5. Soft rice is cooked rice – After 15 to 20 minutes the rice should be ready, set it aside and let it sit for a minute or two to drain off excess moisture. Stir with a fork to fluff and serve immediately.

Don’t skip the resting at the end, the moisture from the steam gives the rice a fluffy yet tender texture.

If you want to make the absolute best rice, or don’t for that matter, check out our Best rice cooker / Rice cooker reviews Page.

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