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So you want to enjoy that flavour only outdoor barbecuing can give inside your home, the Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill may be the answer, superb for a quick meal and keeping meat tender and flavorsome.

With a searing lid accompanied by a window to keep an eye on food as it cooks the Hamilton Beach 25361 has been cleverly designed so food is cooked just to the user’s liking. With a stainless steel finish on the outside and durable aluminium and steel for the grill it’s made from durable material. Able to feed 4 to 6 people at a time it is large enough for a family without the need for batch cooking.

The Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill has a clever handle to lift the lid, this is ergonomic design for two reasons, firstly it’s safe so no-one gets their hands burned, secondly it’s much easier to carry around, either from room to room or to take to friends at garden parties! The only real control on the Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill is the temperature dial, turn it up to the last heat setting and you can sear food. With searing in mind, how was cooking with the 25361?

Grilling results

Taking less than a couple of minutes to fully heat the grill it took less time to prepare the meat, mouth-watering three lean steaks were added to the grill with that unmistakable sound. The meat was turned every minute or so and the temperature maintained was impressive, a smooth cook with even heat distribution. In terms of the taste I don’t claim to be Thomas Keller but it really was restaurant quality steak.

The best part however came later, searing with this bad boy is a delight, whether its vegetables or burgers, just turn the heat dial-up to the sear function wait for the green light to confirm it’s the correct temperature, close the lid and enjoy locked in flavor. Reaching a high temperature quickly the Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill’s perfect for searing and sealing in the meat juices and then quickly cooking. So far I have made shrimp kebabs, steak, and thick cut pork chops. The results have been excellent but grilling is a cooking method I don’t use too often. It’s comparable to my outdoor grill in heat it can reached and that thing wouldn’t be out-of-place in hell, cleaning was hellish too!

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With a grill surface, hood and drip pan that are all easily removed and dishwasher safe the Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill is surprisingly easy to clean, the exposed areas of the 25361 can be cleaned with a cloth, and with non stick surfaces it’s not necessary to use a dishwasher. The drip pan’s big enough to catch any juice that escapes but this may need a bit more elbow grease due to the fat captured within it.

Amazon ratings and reviews

With 154 reviews at the time of writing the amazon community is also impressed with the Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill, scoring 4.6 of 5.0 70% of users give 5/5 and 19% give 4/5. The main positives to glean from reviews are that the size is great for families and the ease of cleaning is second to none!

When users share their cooking you know the product is one to be proud of! The Hamilton Beach 25361 indoor grill is highly recommended if you want to enjoy outdoor BBQ cooking in your home.

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