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The Cuisinart CBK is currently the number one bestseller on Amazon for bread makers, but is it really worth that accolade?

First of all the beauty of the Cuisinart CBK is it streamlines the bread baking process, from mixing ingredients to kneading dough all the way to baking it. You can choose from 12 preset options, three loaf sizes and three crust darkness settings it has all the bases covered.

The design

With a stainless steel exterior and modern sleek design, the Cuisinart CBK is one of the best looking bread makers around. The buttons feel very responsive while the display smartly shows information in an easy to understand way. Just like its compatriot the Zojirushi BB-PAC20 the CBK also has a 13 hour delay timer, this means you can wake up too freshly made bread in the morning. Just prepare, set the timer and enjoy the freshest toast possible.
It’s removable lid is accompanied with a viewing window, so checking on bread as it bakes is possible, the bread pan is removable also. Stay cool handles allow for easy removal right after the process finishes. Lastly, the dimensions are 18″ x 12.5″ x 15″ so it is roughly big enough for a 2 pound loaf of bread.

What’s included

The Cuisinart CBK also comes with accessories including a measuring cup, measuring spoon, and recipes for various types of bread including gluten-free, the recipe book also includes recipes on jams and sauces which can be made using the CBK breadmaker.

The baking process

Baking with the Cuisinart CBK is very simple to do, all that’s required is adding ingredients, selecting the loaf size and crust color (medium, light or dark crust), then the bread maker will start mixing and kneading the dough. Once this is done there will be an audible signal where you can remove the kneading paddle, to avoid the small hole in the bottom of the loaf, however this is optional and not necessary whatsoever. Once the bread has been fully baked there will be another audible alert to signal the process ending, the bread is then kept warm for 60 minutes to prevent it getting soggy, a nice feature.

The results cooking with the Cuisinart CBK are very impressive, on the dark crust setting the bread was crunchy on the outside but soft and warm on the inside, adding a few raisins brings a fruity twist but makes toast in the morning that bit more creative. Gluten-free bread passed with flying colours also, adding very thin chunks of apple and a little cinnamon seasoning with gluten-free flour, soy milk and bakers yeast is recommended based on my results using the Cuisinart CBK.

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Will it just make bread?

The Cuisinart CBK Bread Maker is actually pretty versatile with an ability to also make Pasta dough, jams and sauces. With preset functions it also takes any guesswork out of trying to use the bread maker for other aspects.

Amazon reviews

As previously stated this is currently the number one product on Amazon for bread makers, with over 1000 reviews many consumers are enjoying sharing their pictures of freshly baked bread along with their reviews, stating that they are very happy with the quality. A few users comment on the beeping after each cycle in the bread making process, claiming it can get quite annoying, I imagine if you bake regularly it could get frustrating however you may grow to love that sound!

If you want to start making fresh bread at home with full control over it I would highly recommend purchasing the Cuisinart CBK breadmaker. Cuisinart are a reputable brand making all types of kitchen appliances and the warranty is three years to give that extra piece of mind.

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