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If you’re wondering what the best stand mixer to buy is check out this review of the Bosch compact mixer (mum4405). I enjoy baking and decided to buy this one, here is my review. If you are looking for a standard mixer perhaps this one may be a little too comprehensive, it’s a multi functional device that can be used for a lot more than just mixing.

The Bosch compact mixer under sells itself by claiming to be just a mixer, it will make time in the kitchen go much quicker and better yet you can spend it doing things you enjoy, rather than the cleaning up. It has many attachments so it can be used as a blender, a grinder for meat and grains, a cookie press, shredder and a food processor. It really is flexible and adaptable to any job!

Features and specifications
Planetary mixing
400 W motor
Four speeds
Easy to clean
6lbs of dough capacity
Attachments including; bowl, splash ring, dough hook, mixing whisk, staring whisk
Many more attachments available
1 year warranty

The mixer is very powerful and won’t struggle with any task, with four speeds to choose from there is no difficulty mixing at a consistent rate. It’s one of the quieter stand mixers we have used despite it’s power and cleaning is very simple, simply detach the head being used, take the bowl out and clean those two pieces. Also any potential mess is negated by the spout in the mixing bowl.

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One real compliment of Bosch is they generally only make one product per category, this means they concentrate on updating and ensuring that the product in that category is a genuine success, rather than hedging their bets that one of many products in a category may be successful. This is proven with the Bosch Compact Mixer mum4405.
If you have done any previous research on stand mixers you you will likely be aware of the fact that planetary mixing is the new trend. Bosch have joined in here, every ingredient you add to the mixture will be mixed in very well in no time. Smooth mixtures with no lumps whatsoever, your sauces will be a great consistency and your bread will be a lovely texture once cooked.

One negative about Bosch based on some of the Amazon reviews, is that their customer service can be considered poor at times, luckily based on the ratings many users don’t have to face this problem. The positives are very reassuring with countless customers claiming they have had this and earlier models for over 10 years and it’s the best and most durable they’ve used.
72% of users give a 5/5 rating for this stand mixer which is excellent, 14% give 4/5 giving the mum4405 4.5 out of 5.0 stars. Despite some of its competitors looking a bit smarter, it’s an excellent price for such a flexible food mixer.
When considering these factors the Bosch Compact Mixer mum4405 is a highly recommended buy that is sure to help you out with your baking. Perhaps because of its adaptability I should broaden the word taking to cooking!

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