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If you want to join the millions around the globe and make fresh tasty smoothies, or if you’re considering an upgrade, here are Freya’s top 3 smoothie makers reviewed.

Best Smoothie Maker | Top Rated Smoothie Machines Reviewed

Ninja Ninja Juicer Reviews

Best Smoothie Maker | Top Rated Smoothie Machines Reviewed

The Ninja BL660 is currently Amazon’s number one bestseller in the blender category, though it’s practically a commercial smoothie blender, making light work of all fruits and vegetables. It can also chop nuts, disintegrate ice (making it a great blender for frozen fruit smoothies), mix dough for baking and blend in minutes. With the 6 blade technology, it has more blades than a typical juicer while taking less time. Because of the placing of the blades the blender has no problem chopping, blending and juicing all the contents within the 72 ounce blender for smoothies. For anyone that uses the metric system that’s over 2 liters worth of juice the Ninja BL660 can hold.

Best Smoothie Maker | Smoothie Maker Reviews

After testing with various fruits and vegetables the BL660 managed to juice all produce quickly and effortlessly, It doesn’t extract pulp as efficiently as the Breville-JE98XL. If you want a very thin liquid then there are better options, however leave the BL660 on for a little longer and a thinner consistency can easily be achieved.
The yield produced from the Ninja professional blender was very impressive, if you want to prepare juice for the entire week the 72 ounce container will help you do that.

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the BL660 is simple to clean, because of the single serve addition it doesn’t require taking apart, cleaning all parts individually and then putting them all back together. Simply detach the lid from the container, take the container out of the engine base of the BL660 and wash them by hand, or even pop them in the dishwasher!

with a giant 1100 Watt motor the smoothie maker is no slouch when it comes to being efficient. Compared with the 900 Watt of the Nutribullet it’s one of the most powerful blenders available. It has no difficulty chopping nuts, blending kale, even when completely full all the contents will be completely blended or juiced within a minute. With four suction feet below the blender there is no chance of the blender flying off the counter top, while a well fitted lid means you don’t need to hold it down like ones from years ago. There’s no chance the contents of the blender will spill and due to its size it is the best blender for making green smoothies

Its adaptability is superb, it can whip sauces, prepare dough mixtures, chop nuts, even ice and grind coffee, it does much more than blend! Don’t worry about anything getting stuck in the blades, they are they are too sharp and the angle the blades are positioned means it’s never happened. Very smartly designed.

Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender

While comprising of stainless steel it has an excellent tapered grip and soft press buttons, one for low and one for high. Because of its sleek thin design it can fit into most containers, even a cup! The bottom piece is completely removable which makes for very easy cleaning, simply wash and reattach. It is also dishwasher safe. Although it’s a little small sit’s a good smoothie blender offering a lot of flexibility in the kitchen. The portable blender comes with a chopper and a whisk which both easily attach to the top part and lock in place. It’s really conveniently designed and is certainly the best hand blender we’ve used.

The blender blade is removable, one side of the blade is blunt while the other side is sharp. The reason you may want to use the blunt side is for peppercorns or hard cheeses so they don’t turn to dust or liquid! It’s is one of the best small handheld blenders for smoothies.

Best Smoothie Maker | Top Rated Smoothie Machines Reviewed

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The Cuisinart Smartstick CSB-77 is adaptable to a variety of kitchen tasks, it can blend, mix, chop, grind, whip and even puree. For a hand blender it is incredibly versatile. What I  do is add a banana, a handful of strawberries, and the little lime juice and make an energy boosting smoothie!

Cleaning the Cuisinart Smartstick CSB-77 is pretty simple, just rinse the preparation bowl, cover and blade or other attachment and it’s ready for use again. All parts except for the motor are dishwasher safe and it’s one of the quietest blenders available too!

Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W Quiet Shield Blender

When reading the product description of the 56206, Hamilton Beach claim this product delivers affordability and performance without a lot of expensive features. It’s fair to say we agree, with understandable buttons (6) and an uncluttered interface the 56206 smoothie maker stays simple to use while managing to be very efficient. A no mess pouring spout means there is no need to worry about dispensing of your drinks either, a sturdy durable design all round. It’s among the best rated blenders with many positive reviews on amazon.

The jar, lid and blades are all dishwasher safe. The base is simple to wipe because of the covered buttons so no problem there.

The Hamilton Beach professional makes perfect smoothies from bananas, strawberries, blueberries and other fruit. It has no problem with frozen fruit either producing well blended smoothies.

With a 32 ounce patented wave action glass container it can fit well over a weeks worth of smoothies in it and plenty of fruits and vegetables, and a jar comprising of glass, scratching and staining are unlikely while no food odors will be absorbed. 1500 watt peak power makes it a commercial professional blender in your own kitchen.

It’s one of the quietest smoothie makers, significantly quieter than leading competitors but it of course does still have a little noise while blending, much less than other blenders. 4 program settings include smoothie, ice crush, puree, and clean for one-touch convenience and easy cleanup!

The top review on amazon states; “Wow. We’ve owned nothing but cheap blenders that we toss out when they start burning out, etc. And they all have the same issue witrh frozen smoothies (the #1 thing we make): the frozen glop sits above the blades which are incapable of pulling down the mixture. What a difference with a “pro” blender… first off the blades on the HB have no trouble managing the “glop” and the design makles a much smoother… smoothie (there’s a pun somewhere in there). But HB also includes a tamper to push down if something DOES get hung up. And because this is a pro blender we can use it for more culinary p[urposes like custom mayo where you have to drizzle oil in, and the design keeps it from splattering. I now understand the higher price, I always thought a blender was a blender. The noise issue doesn’t bother me so I haven’t used the quiet shield, but nice addition”

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From puréeing squash and carrot soup to chopping nuts and making garlic and herb dips the Hamilton Beach professional is a very adaptable product, It’s more than just a smoothie maker. One big plus about purchasing Hamilton Beach products are the excellent warranties the company give. The professional blender includes a three-year warranty and the company claim the motor is life tested to blend over 8000 frozen drinks.

Which should I buy?

All the above smoothie makers have their positive aspects, however if one stands out from the rest it’s the Ninja BL660. It’s incredibly simple to use and does an awesome job of creating delicious smoothies in no time! It’s a bestseller on amazon, customers love the option of having a large pitcher or two smaller cups to juice with. Users also praise the 1100 Watt high power blender claiming the blades stay sharp for months, even years. In summary, with its easiness to clean, it’s powerful motor and its versatility to complete many different kitchen tasks makes the Ninja Professional BL660 one of the best rated blenders on amazon.

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Ninja BL660 Smoothie Maker
1100 Watt
Total Crushing Technology crushes ice, whole fruits and vegetables in seconds!
XL 72 oz. Capacity to Create Drinks for the Whole Family
2 Professional Nutri Ninja Cups for Nutrient and Vitamin Extraction
Frozen Blending for Creamy, Fruit Smoothies
BPA Free and Dishwasher Safe
Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick Hand Blender
200 Watt
Powerful chopper and whisk attachments provide added versatility
Lightweight design
Easy-to-grip ergonomic handle
Simple push-button control
16-ounce measuring beaker and 2-cup mixing container included
3-year limited warranty
Hamilton Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender
700 Watt
Powerful ice crushing with patented Ice Sabre blades
The perfect one-touch smoothie
Patented Wave Action system for smooth results without stirring
Unique, no-mess pouring spout

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