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When choosing a pasta maker there are many things that should be taken into consideration, It needs to be easy to operate while bringing restaurant quality pasta to the kitchen, while still being easy to clean. Here are our best pasta makers reviewed.

Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine

Marcato are an Italian company specializing in pasta makers, available in eight different colors the Atlas pasta machine is one of the favorites on Amazon. With 1000 reviews I decided to try it myself, here is my pasta machine review of the 150 mm.

Being a manual pasta maker, I was sceptical of how well it would work, I have had my problems with pasta machines that need manual rolling throughout the years. Generally ending in me scrubbing the machine for all it’s worth while looking at a failed attempt at ravioli. Nonetheless I guess I was feeling brave.

Best Pasta Makers - Top 3 Reviewed | Freya's Kitchen

The Marcato Atlas pasta machine is composed of heavy-duty stainless steel with rollers made from anodized duralumin, upon checking exactly what this was I was directed to a Wikipedia page that states ‘Anodization changes the microscopic texture of the surface and changes the crystal structure of the metal near the surface’. I assume that they know what they’re doing!

Marcato atlas – Amazon rating

Available in eight colors it matches pretty much any kitchen not taking up much space and adding a funky effect to the countertop. The hand-crank comprises of steel with plastic handles so it looks as durable as it feels without compromising on general comfort. The handle feels well-engineered and upon starting to make pasta it becomes clear that you get what you pay for.

Once I started feeding it through between the two rollers I turned the handle on the side and voilà! There was the pasta flattened. Once fed through again on a different setting the result was even thinner.

I then used one of the attachments to make ravioli while dread filled inside me, reminding myself of scrubbing my old pasta maker while simultaneously resenting the finished product. Thankfully it didn’t repeat itself here, it came out in a beautiful ravioli shape and left me wanting to try the other attachments.

Cleanup is very simple with the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine, instead of scrubbing for nearly half an hour. Just use a pastry brush to dust off flour and excess pasta, one tip I have read is sending a wax paper sheet through the rollers to dislodge any remains while lubricating the cutters.

Philips pasta maker review

Weighing just over 17lbs and with a 200 Watt motor the Philips pasta maker has a 1600lb force during extrusion, what this means is that up to a pound of pasta can be made within 15 minutes. When you consider the amount of force in terms of elbow grease it would take to make a pounds worth of pasta it works out quite efficiently! Including four shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini & Lasagna the ability to customize the type of pasta to make is actually quite fun to do with the family.

Best Pasta Makers – Pasta Maker Reviews

The four shaping discs fits conveniently within a draw towards the bottom of the Philips pasta maker unit and with a window to look through while the pasta process takes place you can still keep an eye on what’s happening.

Best Pasta Makers - Top 3 Reviewed | Freya's Kitchen

Having attempted to make pasta with more traditional ‘makers’ before it’s safe to say it didn’t turn out successfully. I was quite intrigued about whether it was me for the machine, I picked up my choice of pasta shape disc and attached it to the unit. Added the ingredients, flour, water and egg through the top of the machine close the lid and hope for the best. It ran surprisingly quietly compared to my old pasta maker. Just under 15 minutes later the pasta was ready. The spaghetti that came out not only surpassed my expectations, it was tasty fresh pasta!

See Philips Pasta Maker Current Prices

Based on how easy it was to make it’s hard to get wrong, I was impressed with the results, it got me thinking about the potential creative twists while creating pasta with the Philips pasta maker. I then went for a second go, added some very thin freshly chopped tomato and fresh basil and the results were even better. It was actually quite exciting.

Usually with pasta makers the cleaning is the hardest part, many parts you have to detach and clean by hand which makes you question whether it was even worth it. Luckily this isn’t the case with the Philips pasta maker. There are two protruding parts at the front that twist off leaving the paddle and container to detach easily. Nonstick metal paddles are detachable making for easy cleaning. The four shaping discs can be cleaned easily using the cleaning tool the Philips pasta maker includes.

Atlas Pasta Maker Review

The Atlas is more expensive than the average pasta maker however it does come with a motor that makes the pasta process even faster, special rollers within the alloy so you can get three different types of pasta on nine thickness levels. With a 110 Watt motor and regular engine rotation you get a very regimented look to the pasta making machine that’s customized to your choice.

Best Pasta Makers - Top 3 Reviewed | Freya's Kitchen

Made from nickel-plated steel and chrome, the Atlas Electric pasta machine is one of the best looking pasta makers available if not the best, it’s stunning to look at. If you already own any Atlas products then the motor can be removed and used in any other Atlas machine. I don’t however there are many products and it proves the versatility of the pasta maker and ergonomic design with usability in mind. It comes with two attachments to make pasta on nine different thickness settings.

Atlas Electric pasta machine on amazon

The Atlas Electric pasta machine with motor set has a high quality motor allowing you time to feed dough into the machine at a steady rate, the thinnest level (9), is about as thick as paper to the point that you can see your fingers through the dough, no kneading is necessary.

With a six-inch roller width, once dough is fed in to the pasta maker it is caught by the pasta drying stand, all very simple. The quality of pasta is impressive but its versatility to tailor the thickness and shape to choice is its best feature.

I’m not a fan of pasta makers because cleaning them is a chore! However I will make an omission for the Atlas Electric pasta machine. The motor drive is a twist to unlock and remove, the roller can be wiped clean with a cloth and the base the same, then just dry off before reattaching all parts.

So which is best pasta maker?

With nearly 1000 reviews to date the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine now has a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 stars, the best in its class with an incredible 93% giving 4/5 or better. The reviews state how well-built the machine is while staying minimal and stylish. There are many compliments about the quality of pasta made using the Atlas and many recipes within the reviews. I found it frustrating there was a lack of attachments that come with this pasta maker, I would have appreciated a couple attachments included however they can be bought separately.

Overall I’ve enjoyed my experience using the Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine and would recommend it to anyone who would like to make great tasting fresh pasta at home! The marcato atlas is the best pasta maker, however the philips pasta maker came a close 2nd, both recommended but the Marcato is the best pasta machine for us.

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Philips Pasta Maker
Design 8-10
Pasta quality 9-10
Cleaning - 8-10
Atlas Electric Pasta Machine
Design 7-10
Pasta quality 8-10
Cleaning - 8-10
Marcato Atlas Pasta Machine
Design 10-10
Pasta quality 10-10
Cleaning - 9-10

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