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If you enjoy preparing food from the raw ingredients all the way to the finished product, you require quality chef knives that will make preparation easy and streamlined. Here are 3 Knife set reviews of the best knife sets currently available.

Best Kitchen Knife Set | Top Rated Chef Knives Reviews

Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Insignia Steel Knife Set

Included in the insignia 18 piece steel set
3″ peeler
3-1/4″ parer
6″ boning knife
5″ kitchen utility knife
8″ serrated kitchen knife
7″ Santoku
8″ slicer Knife
8″ chef Knife
8 4-1/2″ steak knives
All housed in a maple coloured wood block with built in sharpener.

Best Kitchen Knife Set | Top Rated Chef Knives Reviews

Just from looking at the 18 piece knife set with block you get a feel for the quality of this knife set. With 18 pieces you’re sure to find the right tool for the job, 18 is a larger amount of knives than average but it ensures you have the best knife for cooking and preparing different foods.

This cooks knife set includes a built in sharpener within the block, it brings the set together with clever design, instead of having the usual knife sharpener tool, the knives in the set are among the sharpest kitchen knifes available. Chicago cutlery have been designing knives for over 35 years and if that isn’t testament to the quality of their products, then the lifetime warranty the insignia steel 18 piece block set comes with alleviates concern, they’re a trusted company and one of the top kitchen knife brands, they’re also competitively priced and among the top kitchen knives on amazon.

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The Mercer knife set is not dishwasher safe,  if you’re planning to keep these uniquw knives sharp then it isn’t advisable to put them in the dishwasher anyway.

The Chicago cutlery insignia steel 18 piece block set is a stylish gift for anyone however just be careful to get it pre-wrapped otherwise you may end keeping it for yourself! The only problem is they’re expensive kitchen knives

Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set with Bamboo Block

Ginsu are among the best chef knife brands and are famous for designing the sharpest knives, Ginsu takes the methods honed by Samurai sword smiths to recreate the same levels of quality craftsmanship in their contemporary knives. While their ergonomic design process brings a refined touch to precision cutting. Today we review the Ginsu 7108 Chikara 8 piece stainless steel knife set with Bamboo Block.


Ceramic knife set with block
Specialized knives for chopping dicing and slicing
Rounded handle (traditional Japanese) made from resin
Water and heat-resistant
Rust resistant stainless steel knife set
Limited lifetime warranty

The Japanese word “Chikara” means power and energy, and when you look at these knives you can see how Ginsu incorporate that into their design. Seen in Asia as one of the best japanese chef knives the storage block has a lovely bamboo finish, to add touch of Asian culture to your kitchen. Fitting perfectly within the wooden block each knife has a specific purpose explained below;

8-Inch Chef’s Knife
Known as the most versatile of cooks knives, the chef’s knife may be used to peel, trim, pare, slice, dice, and chop.

7-Inch Santoku Knife
A traditional Asian-style knife that excels in chopping, slicing, and making paper-thin cuts. The Kullens grind on the blade adds a unique visual appeal, as well as aids in preventing foods from sticking to the blade.

5-Inch Utility Knife
The utility knife is a great tool for generally any type of use. It excels at cutting smaller portions of meats and fruits, but can also be used to pare, trim, peel, slice, and dice foods.

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5-Inch Serrated Utility Knife
Performs all the tasks of the fine-edge utility knife, but the serrated edge is specially designed to slice delicate foods such as tomatoes.

3-1/2-Inch Paring Knife
Due to its small size, the paring knife allows fine control of the blade and tip of the knife, making it great for fine and precision cutting. Peeling, garnishing, and small chopping tasks can quickly and easily be accomplished with the paring knife.

8-Inch Honing Rod
Used to maintain the edge of the blades.

Kitchen Shears
The kitchen shears are the most versatile tool in the kitchen. They can be used to cut anything from poultry and vegetables to twine and plastic bags. The handles have a built-in twist-style bottle opener, jar opener, and nut cracker. The blades have a built-in bottle opener.

Bamboo Storage Block
Made from richly grained bamboo, the block beautifully stores and protects fine cutlery when not in use.

Amazon customers rate the Japanese cooking knives 4.3 out of 5.0 stars, while this isn’t as impressive as the Chicago cutlery 18 piece insignia set with built-in sharpener only a tiny 15% of users rated three stars or below. To have 85% of users give it at least 4/5 stars speaks volumes about the quality of the eight piece stainless steel knife set with. The main positive shown in the reviews is the razor sharpness of each knife and how easy they are to use. People also enjoy the bamboo block that houses the knives.

It’s difficult to find many problems with this chef knife set however some have claimed the steak knife is a bit on the small side. Overall though the knives are a great design from the rounded handles all the way to the sharp blades, they would make a good addition to any cooks kitchen who would like to prepare food efficiently and skilfully.

One last noteworthy piece of information about the Ginsu 7108 Stainless Steel Knife Set is that it is available in an 8 piece set and 12 piece set, included below is a link to both products.

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J.A. Henckels Forged Knife Set

J.A Henckels manufacture professional kitchen knife sets for chefs and home cooks alike.

18 Pieces Forged Premio Knife Block includes;
3 inch paring knife,
5 inch serrated utility knife,
6 inch utility knife,
7 inch santoku hollow edge,
8 inch chef’s knife,
9 inch sharpening steel,
8 inch bread knife,
5 inch boning knife,
Kitchen shears.
Stamped Steak Knives

Best Kitchen Knife Set | Top Rated Chef Knives Reviews


Best Knife Set | Knife Set Reviews

Whether you’re chopping vegetables or dicing meat the knives in this knife set with block it makes short work of all types of food, allowing you to cook quality meals in your kitchen.

My favorite feature about these knives is the tangs each knife comes with, they are not just half or hollow tangs they support the handle and allow for a balanced cut. The tangs are an easy shortcut that some knife designers cut corners on to save money, however with full tangs in each knife it’s a great sign of durability.

Triple riveted handles on all the knives included in the JA Henckel’s Block set mean they are easy to hold ensuring full control when cutting while not sacrificing comfort.

As with most knife sets these days it is not advised that use them in a dishwasher but obviously for safety reasons it’s best to hand wash these knives. The reason sharp knives should not be put in the dishwasher is the detergent is very abrasive and can cause damage, if you’re going to invest in professional chef knives it’s important to look after them and prevent them from damage. It’s a high quality top rated kitchen knife set on amazon and the reviews prove it, click the button below to check them out.

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The knives are very comfortable, somewhat heavy however that is because of the full-tang in each knife
They are very precise regardless of the type of food you are cutting
Stainless steel provides a very smart looking finish while the block makes storage look very sharp
18 pieces mean you will never be short of the right knife despite how particular the task

Mercer Culinary M20000 Kitchen Knife Block Set

Mercer is a newer knife name on the block (excuse the pun), they are a German company who believe in efficiency when cooking and exceptional design quality to create the best chefs knives for anyone regardless of skill in the kitchen. They also have some of the best rated chef knives on amazon so they’ve proven themselves in the market.

Included in the Mercer Culinary M20000 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set
Tempered Glass Block
3-1/2-inch paring
5-inch utility
8-inch chef’s
8-inch bread
6-inch boning

Best Kitchen Knife Set | Top Rated Chef Knives Reviews

Best Kitchen Knives | Top Rated Chef Knives Reviews

The first noticeable aspect of this top rated kitchen knife set was the housing block for the knives was completely different to the norm. It comes with glass housing so it’s a cool knife block, you can see the blades even when they’re stored as opposed to most competitors that use a wooden knife block. This adds a unique style especially to a modern kitchen through the contemporary design. Which really sets it apart.

Another notable difference between the Mercer Culinary M20000 Genesis and other knife sets is the material that is used to create the handle. The handles are full tang ensuring they are durable and the knife will be comfortable and well-balanced when you hold it. These are forged kitchen knives so the manufacturing process does not involve corner cutting. Santoprene is used in many manufacturing processes to keep a natural aesthetic look while reducing weight, also the material is recyclable which shows that Mercer care for the environment. The knives are forged with high carbon stainless material from German components crafted in Taiwan, also using European technology helps mercer offer the best value for forged blades while using the best steel for kitchen knives.

Mercer Culinary M20000 on Amazon

The winner? – Mercer Culinary M20000 Genesis Knife Is Our Best Knife Block Set

If you have never indulged in a good quality knife set before you love the quality of the Mercer Culinary M20000 Knife Block Set will give you. They’re beautiful knives to look at, from the Mercer emblem to the elegant glass housing unit, this is one of the best cooking knife sets and it is worth every penny.

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Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Insignia Steel Knife Set Review
3" peeler
3-1/4" parer
6" boning
5" utility knife
8" serrated bread knife
7" Santoku
8" slicer Knife
8" chef Knife
8 4-1/2" steak knives
Mercer Culinary M20000 Genesis Knife Block Set Review
Tempered Glass Block
3-1/2-inch paring
5-inch utility
8-inch chef's
8-inch bread
6-inch boning
J.A. Henckels International Forged Premio 18-Piece Block Set Review
18 Pieces Forged Premio Knife Block includes;
3 inch paring knife,
5 inch serrated utility knife,
6 inch utility knife,
7 inch santoku hollow edge,
8 inch chef's knife,
9 inch sharpening steel,
8 inch bread knife,
5 inch boning knife,
Kitchen shears.
Stamped Steak Knives

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