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Best Fryer – Air Fryer Reviews 2017/

Waring Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

One of the top fryers on amazon the DF280 is a strong contender in the food and drink category. The control panel of the DF280 has a time setting on the right and the temperature setting on the left, both up and down style buttons for easy use. It also has a temperature indicator light to suggest the optimal temperature for cooking. In brushed stainless steel it is understated and looks durable, vents on either side ensure good heat distribution. Featuring a large lid with handle for easy food distribution into the deep fryer, along with a transparent panel to see cooking during the process it’s been designed with the customer in mind.

The oil carry holds up to 1 gallon with a 2.3lb food capacity and is removable for cleaning and filtering oil, with a spout on the corner of the oil pot so you can easily dispense when cooking is finished. There are also handles on the side of the DF280 so it is portable should you need to move it occasionally. The three fryer baskets are all removable, one a big basket that fits over the entire deep fryer oil pot, or two separate baskets to cook each food at the same time!

Best Deep Fryer - Top Rated Deep Fryer Reviews

A feature we found clever about the design of the Waring Pro DF280 was the emergen style heating element. An efficient way of heating the oil quickly so there’s no need to wait a long time, A very fast recovery rate means when your frying the food it keeps the oil at the proper temperature.

Waring pro amazon reviews

Cooking tempura shrimp using the Waring Pro DF280 was very simple, only taking a couple minutes and resulting in a tasty twist on seafood. The texture is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, the food really locked in the taste, Mozzarella sticks are absolutely gorgeous using this deep fryer as well! Unfortunately there is no odor protection system like some of its competitors which means there may be a need to open a window while cooking. This was one of the only downsides, however a fairly big one for many.

One thing I noticed when using the large turkey fryer was that Waring recommends approximately a gallon of oil however I found myself needing to use slightly more than that, it is quite heavy on the oil!

The Waring Pro DF280 is very simple to clean being dishwasher safe. Once cooking is finished leave the food baskets to drip excess fat off back into the oil pot and then simply remove the parts and place them in the dishwasher!

Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer Review

The design of the HD9220/26 AirFryer is a no oil fryer, dry frying limits excess fat and is a much healthier alternative. It’s a very compact but stylish, with a glossy black exterior and rounded frame it fits into most kitchen designs seamlessly. With a capacity of 1.8lbs it can cook nearly a kilogram of food, the top of the air frying machine is for the fan and the bottom is a cooking basket that slides out to add food.

Best Deep Fryer – Deep Fryer Reviews – Fryer Comparisons

The interface is really easy to use, just two dials that let you control the temperature from 80° to 390°C (a very impressive heat for an air cooker!) and another dial for setting the time, up to 30 minutes. One slight problem that it wouldn’t be right to leave out of this review is the electric air fryer has a wire coming out of the back, meaning it can’t be placed almost touching the wall but rather with a space about an inch between the wall in the air fryer.

Best Deep Fryer - Top Rated Deep Fryer Reviews

The philips airfryer earns its reputation as a healthier alternative to frying by using much less oil to lessen fat content, it also cooks slightly faster than a traditional fryer which is useful for efficiency. The quality of cooking with the airfryer is surprisingly impressive. By draining the excess fat while cooking and using ‘rapid technology’ air is circulated throughout the device, excellent tasting food is achieved without an oily exterior, who said frying is not healthy(ish).

Baking is also possible with the HD9220/26, muffins come out looking and tasting as good as from the oven. Without the fat content you can expect food to be slightly drier than it would be from a traditional fryer, however the 70% less fat aspect is a huge positive. There’s no significant change in taste and better than a traditional oven.

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An excellent feature of having an air fryer, is that the house doesn’t smell for the next 12 hours, no need to open windows as the smell from cooking is not strong at all!

The fan can be heard while cooking however it is not loud and would not disrupt a radio, per say. It’s impossible to see through a window while cooking which is a shame, however trial and error will give an optimum cooking time and heat setting for food very quickly.

The HD9220/26 gains respect through its ability to not just fry but grill, roast and even bake food. With its 1.8lbs capacity it’s not a large capacity air fryer, only a few people can be fed at a time so if you have a larger family then consider looking for a dry air fryer unless you’re content cooking in batches.

Cleaning is fine with the Philips HD9220/26 AirFryer, the removable nonstick coated drawer and food basket are both dishwasher safe making for easy cleaning up. If you own a deep fat fryer then you’re perhaps aware of how difficult the units can be to clean, thankfully not the case here.

One last feature about the HD9220/26 is with an automatic shutdown feature, users can set food and not have to worry about it burning. Once cooking is finished the fryer automatically shuts down giving a sound alert when completed, an especially positive aspect for children and the elderly.

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T-fal FR8000 Immersion Deep Fryer

Holding 2.65 pounds worth of food, the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration is a beast of a deep-fryer, it can easily feed a family of four with room to spare. Boasting a 3.5 L oil capacity to bring out the taste in all types of fried food. The food basket is removable and has two positions for cooking and draining food.

With a patented automatic oil filtration system draining excess oil is not a problem and adds to the ergonomic design of the T-fal FR8000. It’s ergonomic feel is reinforced by a viewing window in the lid to help cook to perfection. A handle on the top and a light weight of 16lbs means it can be moved around from room to room easily too! The controls for the FR8000 are self-explanatory, a dial to open the oil box, one to fry, one to filter oil automatically, and another thermostat dial to control temperature. Lastly an on/off switch on the side. Despite its basic look this deep fryer is very well designed with a sturdy feel to last.

Best Deep Fryer - Top Rated Deep Fryer Reviews

Best Deep Fryer – Top Rated Deep Fryer Reviews

When using the FR8000 the first thing to notice is how easy it is in comparison to older deep fryers, this is mainly because of the clever oil filtration system. It manages to remove excess food particles while cooking making for cleaner cooking andthe oil can be easily filtered back into the compartment for use next time (great for saving money!). If you have previously owned a deep fryer then you will be aware of how frustrating these things can be to clean up, fat always seems to end up on the counter and in the end it can see more hassle than it was worth. Not the case at all with the FR8000.

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A drawback of using a deep fat fryer is the lingering oily food smells that can stay for hours and need windows open all day or the smell gets into furniture. Thankfully the FR8000 is equipped with an odor filter to lessen this annoyance.
The results when cooking with the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration EZ Clean Easy are very impressive, with an advanced oil temperature heating system, it ensures food is cooked at the best temperature. This results in crispy crunchy coatings with minimal oil absorption. The oil filtration system also does a great job of keeping the oil as clean as possible taking away any impurities and ensuring you get the tastiest result from cooking. It almost feels like a cliché, but chips are absolutely gorgeous in the T-fal FR8000.

The T-fal FR8000 with Oil Filtration system is very easy to clean as the excess oil is sorted back into a container for the next use, the reservoir along with the heating element lifts straight out making it a snap to clean. The heating element is the only part that is not dishwasher safe.

Best air fryer on the market – Our opinion

This accolade goes to the T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration EZ Clean. Currently the number one bestseller in deep fryers on Amazon. With a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 over 400 reviews it’s clear to see why it’s the most popular in its category. This deep fryer is as good as restaurant food while cleaning is so easy. If you want to replicate the very best deep-fried foods, the T-fal is the best rated air fryer to buy.

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