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Today at Freya’s kitchen it’s blender reviews, whether you’re looking for a single serve shake blender, a commercial smoothie machine, a good blender for frozen fruit or just one that’s quiet, we bring you our best blender reviews, from the best brands.

Ninja Professional Blender BL660

The Ninja BL660 is currently Amazon’s number one bestseller in the electric blender category, it wins points for versatility. It’s an ice crusher blender that can chop nuts, mix dough for baking and juicing in seconds.

With the 6 blade technology, it has more blades than an average blender and takes less time because of that. Because of the placing of the blades the blender has no problem chopping and blending all the contents within the 72 ounce blender. For anyone that uses the metric system that’s over 2 L you can fit in the Ninja BL660.

The BL660 is an easy to clean blender, because it is single serve it doesn’t require taking apart, cleaning all the different parts and then putting them all back together. Simply detach the lid from the container, take the container out of the engine base of the BL660 and wash them by hand, or even pop them in the dishwasher!

A giant 1100 Watt motor means the Ninja Professional Blender BL660 is no slouch when it comes to being efficient. Compared with the 900 Watt of the Nutribullet it’s one of the more high powered blenders available. It have no difficulty with chopping nuts, blending kale, even when full all the contents will be completely blended within a minute. With four suction feet below the blender there is no chance of the blender flying off the counter top and with a well fitted lid you don’t need to hold it down like ones from years ago, there’s no chance the contents will spill.
Its adaptability is superb, it can whip sauces, prepared dough when Kate mixtures, chop nuts, even ice and grind coffee, it does much more than blend! Don’t worry about anything getting stuck in the blades, for one they are they are too sharp and two the way the blades are positioned means it’s never happened to me. It’s very cleverly designed.

Ninja Professional Blender Best Price

Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series

Coming in 4 separate colors, the vitamix 1363 professional series is a simple looking not too expensive blender with 2 switches and a dial to change speed on the interface. In the category of high end blenders the design makes the 1363 look fairly understated, when you turn it on, that all changes.

A large blender with a 64 ounce container, the 1363 will produce just under 2 liters worth of liquid, and I do mean liquid, it’s one of the most powerful blender available, this machine can be lethal. With a 2-peak horsepower motor blades can reach speeds of 240mph, this means whatever the solid is, it won’t be solid for long. It is an ice blender and can chop, blend, cream, whip, grind and churn such is the 1363’s flexibility.

The blades, cut by lasers for precision sharpness are made from 3 inch sharp stainless steel. This means all the contents will be blended consistently in the bottom top and the sides of the 64oz container.

Best Blender | Personal Blender Reviews – Which Blender Should You Buy?

The Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series is pretty much its own dishwasher, just squirt some dish soap and water into the blender and run it for less than a minute! Lastly, it’s ergonomic design is proven by the spill-proof vented lid so ingredients can be added while blending, a smart feature!

Trusted by professional chefs and major restaurants to create a variety of fresh, flavorful dishes from solid ingredients – and currently available at a great price on amazon, perhaps making it the best cheap blender for under 100.Best Blender | Top Rated Blender Reviews

We placed almonds in the Vitamix 1363 and let it blend on full power for 30 seconds, we then added a small amount of butter and turned it back on a slightly lower setting, it yielded excellent quality smooth almond butter. Considering this took less than a minute it proves the power and efficiency of the juicer blender. It was easy to clean and ready to make a banana, strawberry and lime smoothie!

Top rated blenders

If you needed any more convincing whether the Vitamix 1363 CIA justified its price the reviews will confirm its ability. It has a superb 4.8 stars from 5, with an even more impressive 86% of the 490 reviews giving the full 5/5.

One quote from a reviewer states ‘ It’s an excellent vegetable blender, even the ones that often don’t want to completely liquefy in other blenders, like the skins of tomatoes. You can toss in whole garlic cloves, peel and all, and it renders them into a smooth paste with no lumps or bits of skin to get in the way. There are a couple of reviews that claim it’s too big a blender but you can’t please everyone, after all it’s not a hand blender.

Check out the vitamix series on amazon

Hamilton Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender

The product description of the 56206 claims the quietest blender delivers affordability and performance without a lot of expensive features. We agree, with understandable buttons (6) and an uncluttered interface the 56206 smoothie maker stays simple to use while managing to be efficient. With a no mess pouring spout there is no need to worry about dispensing of your drinks either. A sturdy durable design all round, it’s also one of the quietest blenders too!

The jar, lid and blades are all dishwasher safe. The base is simple to wipe because of the covered buttons so no problem there.

The Hamilton Beach 56206 makes perfect smoothies from bananas, strawberries, blueberries and other fruit. It has no problem with frozen fruit either producing well blended shakes, users believe it’s the best frozen fruit blender.

With a 40 ounce patented wave action glass container it can fit well over a weeks worth of smoothies in it and plenty of fruits and vegetable for green smoothiess, with the jar being made of glass scratching and staining are very unlikely, it’s not little in size but compared to it’s rivals it’s one of the best small blenders.Best Blender | Top Rated Blender Reviews

From pureeing squash and carrot soup to chopping nuts and making garlic and herb dips the Hamilton Beach 56206 is a very adaptable product, you don’t just have to try blender smoothies with it! One big plus about purchasing Hamilton Beach products are the excellent warranties the company give. The 56206 boasts a three-year warranty and the company claim the motor is life tested to blend over 8000 frozen drinks.

Users give mixed reviews of this smoothie maker, all customers are pleased with the durability and overall design of the 56206, while complementing its versatility. Some claim despite it’s affordable price, the blades aren’t sharp enough, claiming there are better alternatives.

Amazon – Hamilton beach 56206 blender

Overall the Hamilton Beach 56206 smoothie maker is flexible, chopping whisking and blending, should you need more power though perhaps look at the alternatives. It is however among the best personal blenders.

Our Opinion – Which should you buy?

For us its the Vitamix 1363 CIA, this blender more than justified it’s price, the amazon reviews confirm it’s quality. It has a superb 4.8 stars from 5, with an even more impressive 86% of the 490 reviews giving the full 5/5. Reviews also claim it’s the best smoothie blender.

One quote from a reviewer states ‘ It does an incredible job of liquefying vegetables, including the ones that often don’t want to completely liquefy in other blenders, like the skins of tomatoes. You can toss in whole garlic cloves, peel and all, and it renders them into a smooth paste with no lumps or bits of skin to get in the way. All in all a top choice for the money. It’s industrial quality and our ‘best rated blender’.

View the Vitamix 1363 on amazon</br>

blender comparison

Ninja Professional Blender BL660
1100 Watt
72 oz
2 Professional Nutri Ninja Cups
Vitamix 1363 CIA Professional Series
1375 Watt
64 oz
240 MPH Blade Speed
Hamilton Beach 56206 Smoothie Smart Blender
700 Watt
40 oz
Perfect One-touch Smoothie

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