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Pasta is an important carbohydrate the body uses for long-lasting energy throughout the day, if you’re looking to save time and prepare wonderful fresh meals for yourself or your family then read our Atlas Electric pasta machine review and see if it’s right for you.

The Atlas is more expensive than the average pasta maker however it does come with a motor that makes the pasta process even faster and special rollers within the alloy so you can get three different types of pasta on nine thickness levels. With a 110 Watt motor and regular engine rotation you get a very regimented look to the finished product completely customized to your choice.

The design

Made from nickel-plated steel and chrome, yes chrome the Atlas Electric pasta machine is probably one of the best looking pasta makers available if not the best, it’s absolutely stunning to look at. If you already own any Atlas products then the motor can be removed and used in any other Atlas machine, I don’t however there are many products and it proves the versatility of the pasta maker and ergonomic design with usability in mind. It comes with two attachments to make pasta on nine different thickness settings.

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Pasta quality

The Atlas Electric pasta machine with motor set has a high quality motor allowing you time to feed dough into the machine at a steady rate, the thinnest level (9), is about as thick as paper to the point that you can see your fingers through the dough, no kneading is necessary by the way. With a six-inch roller width, once dough is fed in to the pasta maker it is caught by the pasta drying stand, all very simple. The quality of pasta is expectedly impressive but the real compliment goes to how easy it is to tailor the thickness and shape to choice.


I’m not a fan of pasta makers because cleaning them is an absolute chore! However I will make an omission for the Atlas Electric pasta machine. The motor drive is simply a twist to unlock and remove, the roller can be wiped clean with a cloth and the base the same, then just dry off before reattaching all parts.

Amazon ratings and reviews

With 136 reviews on Amazon the Atlas Electric pasta machine scores at 4.5 out of 5.0 stars with a huge 88% of buyers giving at least 4/5, the main compliments to pick out of reviews highlight the simplicity when using it and how beautiful it looks complementing the overall kitchen style. A very small amount of users claim that the motor is a bit slow however the majority of customers seem to disagree and say it’s the perfect speed.

If you’re considering getting into pasta making and would like to start with a motorized pasta machine that will take out a lot of the guesswork while delivering excellent pasta from start to finish the Atlas Electric pasta machine is sure to be able to give the perfect results and look truly beautiful while doing it, Five stars!

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