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Here’s 9 of our favorite cooking hacks that you can use often!

Cook food in advance

If you make meals for a family or yourself and you’re short of time, try taking a leaf out the bodybuilders book and cook up a few meals on a lazy Sunday. It really saves time and as long as you reheat everything to piping hot, there’s no worry of food poisoning. I do this for my lunches and it saves a lot of time, just put them in Tupperware boxes and store them in the fridge.

11 Cooking Hacks to Save Time in the Kitchen


Use an apple to keep bakery food from going stale

Just add apple to the baking tin when you make cookies and treats, the moisture from the apple slice will keep the biscuits nice and soft for longer.

DIY cooking sauces

Cook up a sauce and then freeze the liquid, try cooking olive oil and herbs and then add the liquid to an ice cube holder, then whenever you’re ready to cook a quick meal, just pop it out like an ice cube and voila, quick sauce!

Sauce trays!

Sauce trays!

Peel eggs easier

If you find yourself peeling eggs thinking how much of a chore it is, it need not be. Simply let them sit in the fridge for a couple days, they become much easier to peel.

Bacon weave

This is pretty darn cool, it might not save you time but it looks awesome and tastes even better. Weave bacon strips into a lattice and bake them in the oven, it cooks the bacon much more evenly while retaining all the tastiness within. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

11 Cooking Hacks to Save Time in the Kitchen

Use kitchen roll to cool beverages faster

Just run cold water over paper towels and wrap them round a beer bottle, because of the cold press it will get the drink colder much faster.

Plump that bread back up

Try adding a little water to stale bread and putting it in the oven for five minutes. It should come out looking freshly baked and be good for another couple days.

The fastest way to chop an onion

Cut an onion by slicing down most of it, then turning it onto it’s side and cutting all the way down, as you cut just watch the squares fall off.

Vegetable cheat sheet

While doing research I came across this nifty little cheat sheet by Allyson over at domesticsuperhero.com, awesome reference! Check it out.

Vegetable cheat sheet

Source – domesticsuperhero.com/2012/08/17/veggie-cooking-cheat-sheet/

As always feel free to comment if you know any good ones, and give a little love by sharing, it’s caring. 🙂

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