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As simple as salad sounds, it’s a science to bring all the components together to recreate restaurant quality, worry not though, the devils in the detail, so take a look at these tips to bring out the unique quality salad has to offer.

1. Make your own dressing
No-one has your exact flavor palette, use this to your advantage by creating your own dressing, whether you enjoy the more typical vinaigrette dressing, consider pesto or even salsa to switch things up. It will only take a little longer to prepare than sticking with a store-bought version, plus you’ll get more satisfaction from making your own!

2. Dry and cut your greens
Don’t just go from washing leaves of lettuce to chucking them in a bowl, dry them and let them crisp, that way they’ll regain their crunch, flavor and hold the dressing better. Be sure to cut lettuce leaves and other large foods into smaller bite-size pieces, it’s a much more refined way of eating, plus it helps you get more unique tastes with every mouthful. When salad comprises of many contrasting flavors no-one wants a fork full of lettuce only, well, maybe rabbits.

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad!

Cut that salad up!

3. Keep it fresh
The fresher the ingredients you use the more enjoyable it will be, if you use wilted greens and last weeks produce the quality of the finished product will suffer greatly, a great tip here is to use seasonal greens, that way you’re sure of the freshest and most luscious base to your salad.

4. Add a warm element
It’s amazing what a difference warm components can make to the eating experience, chicken or prawns work well while adding necessary protein, but it’s up to you. Just be sure to not add too much otherwise it will detract from the base and become more about the warm ingredient, a little goes a long way. Even a little grated cheese warmed over the top could be all it needs for that flavor-punch.

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad!

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad!

5. Texture is key
If you find yourself consistently uninspired by the salad sat in front of you, perhaps your missing some texture, the crunch of dry lettuce leaves, the munch of nuts and sesame seeds, and the bite of onions, cucumbers and peppers make salad so much more intriguing. Counter that with the soft finish of egg or avocado and the difference will be huge.

6. Don’t always use greens
Obviously when most think of salad it’s automatically accompanied with an image consisting mainly of green, however thats not necessarily the case. Instead use a base of chickpeas, red lentils or beans to provide the major part of the salad.

7. Don’t skip protein
Be sure to add in a little protein, it helps you feel full while being incredibly important to the body, a little chicken, meat can do wonders for salad too, but even quinoa and cheese can be added if you want to keep it light.

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad!

8 Steps to Making the Perfect Salad!

8. Keep it sweet
For me the best salads have a little zest in them, something that adds a tangy flavor to accompany each bite, it’s a very small addition that will work wonders. Tomato, lemon, lime and berries are great to use with salad, or if you want just a hint of sweetness, use honey in the dressing.

Using these 8 steps to making the perfect salad will help you create a more unique dish, that you can come back to for a simple nutritious meal time and time again, feel free to join our newsletter for more sweet tips to keep your cooking fresh, and as always comment your tips and don’t forget to share!

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