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Brushing regularly and flossing well are your best protection against tooth decay, however your diet can also help keep your smile shining bright. Here are our 6 best foods to whiten your teeth naturally, and why.

Baking soda

Research from 2008 suggests that toothpastes that contain baking soda are better at removing plaque than toothpastes without it. Given that baking soda is readily available at any grocery shop it’s a great choice to use on your teeth, sparingly.

Just add a small amount of toothpaste, about a pea, and add a smaller amount of baking soda with a little water, mix it with the toothpaste until it’s well mixed. Apply this mixture and brush gently once a week. Just be careful to eat in moderation or drink water afterwards so the sensitivity of your teeth is not jeopardized.

7 Awesome Foods for Natural Teeth Whitening

Nuts and Seeds

Due to the abrasive texture of sesame seeds and pistachio nuts they’re great for removing plaque and stains from cigarettes or coffee. Just snack on them throughout the day to keep your million dollar smile bright.


Most dairy products are brilliant for dental health, however cheese is the number one choice due to it’s lack of color and high calcium density. It’s also good for sleep too, so nibble on a little before brushing your teeth and dozing off.

7 Awesome Foods for Natural Teeth Whitening

7 Awesome Foods for Natural Teeth Whitening


Strawberries are excellent for teeth whitening for a very specific reason: they’re one of the only foods containing an enzyme known as malic acid. Mash a couple up with a fork and rub the mixture onto your teeth, wait a few minutes and brush your teeth for great natural whitening.

Oranges and pineapples

Pineapples, oranges and other citrus fruits are great for whitening those pearly whites. They cause the mouth to produce more saliva, which is used to clean teeth naturally. However don’t add citrus fruit directly to teeth as that may jeopardize the enamel and cause sensitivity.

Apples and celery

These both work similarly to oranges and pineapples, however they contribute to saliva production by being very water-dense, helping to naturally clean the mouth. Snack on celery during the day to help keep the tongue and teeth clean!

7 Awesome Foods for Natural Teeth Whitening

Oil Pulling

This may seem a strange one, however I can assure you it is backed by dentists as being a healthy way to clean the mouth naturally, whilst many claim it’s awesome for whitening teeth too! Take a teaspoon of sesame or coconut oil (any will do but those two taste good) and swill it around your mouth trying to remove plaque and any stubborn food from hard to reach areas. Do this for 15 minutes every day and your teeth will whiten considerably!

“The myth that the effect of oil-pulling therapy on oral health was just a placebo effect has been broken and there are clear indications of a possible saponification and emulsification process, which enhances its mechanical cleaning action.” – Oil Pulling Your Leg

Of course none of these foods will be an adequate replacement for a healthy dental routine, however these are 7 Awesome Foods for Natural Teeth Whitening. If you enjoyed reading this, feel free to share!

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