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Using a process call hydrogenation food companies make a fat that’s more suitable for their products. However these ‘solid fats’ affect the body in very damaging ways, here’s our 5 Reasons Fast Food Is More Dangerous than You Think.

Damages Your Heart

90% of the US population get too much salt, the average American consumes about 3500 milligrams of sodium per day – nearly a third more than the 2300 milligrams recommended. Excess salt in your diet can lead to many heart problems, mainly raising blood pressure and heightening the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Kidneys are also met with a greater workload, relieving the body of excess sodium. Salt intake is responsible for millions of deaths a year.

Increases the Likelihood of Bad Moods and Depression

The US and France are more dejected than third-world countries, proof that depression is getting more common in first world countries. Depression in the 10 highest-income countries in the study was 14.6 percent, this is partly due to people’s diet.

A 2012 study by the Public Health Nutrition followed 8,964 people with no background of depression, the results showed a correlation between their diet and the depression felt from it. The more fast food consumed the worse it made the participants feel.


Unfortunately those bad moods may get worse as more fast food is consumed. Australia’s School of Medical Sciences Head of Pharmacology, Professor Margaret Morris, co-authored a report that suggests eating fast food can change the brains response to signals linked with food reward.

Is fast food addictive?

This was managed by feeding one animal group a healthy diet of rat food, while a separate group was fed more human food such as pie, cake and cookies. After several weeks the rats in the ‘junk food’ group weighed 10% more than the ‘healthy’ group.

Recent studies show that dopamine is released when we eat salty and sugary foods, therefore the same pleasure centers that are activated by drugs and alcohol, are activated by food.

Obesity in Children

With a shocking 30 percent of North American children falling into the ‘obese’ category, that’s a 50 percent increase in 20 years, given the saying ‘children are the future’.  We owe it to them to educate on the effects of overeating and the importance of a healthy nutritious diet.

What’s more shocking is a study completed by the Institute of Medicine in co-operation with the National Research Council, found that immigrant children are more healthy than American-born equal. The difference was found to be on diet, immigrant children eat more wholesome food including fruits and vegetables and less processed fatty food than their counterparts.

5 Reasons Fast Food Is More Dangerous than You Think

5 Reasons Fast Food Is More Dangerous than You Think

Processed Foods Are Loaded with Artificial Ingredients

It doesn’t take much searching on the packet to find ingredients that sound like they belong on a pharmaceuticals site, this is generally because they’ve been artificially manufactured to replicate certain purposes, whether that be a longer shelf life, or a more explosive taste.

The more processed the food the higher the chance of finding artificial ingredients such as;

Preservatives – Chemicals that help the food achieve a longer shelf life.

Colorants – Chemicals used to change the foods color

Flavors – Chemicals that give the food an artificial flavor

Texturants – Chemicals that change a foods texture

Only preservatives don’t initially attempt to change the actual food to make it seem more appealing.

Manufacturers DO NOT have to show flavor blends as they are composed of already sanctioned artificial flavors.

With an incredible 65% of the world’s population living in countries where being overweight kills more than being underweight, we should make sure to prioritize healthy food consumption through media outlets and throughout our education system.

Healthy snack assortments

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