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So you want to save money and not eat cardboard for lunch? We can help you with that! It can be painful checking your bank account when you’re always eating on the go. A few dollars every day really adds up over a month. Worry not though, freyaskitchen.com has a few ideas to help you enjoy your lunch while watching those cat videos!

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It’s amazing how much you can save by preparing meals at home.

Lunch, for the most part, is comprised of three major food groups, carbohydrate for long lasting energy, protein for concentration and fat for short-term energy. The fourth aspect of lunch is leafy greens, not a requirement but highly recommended for many reasons!

The key to saving money at lunch is to prepare, find meals that you can prepare when you have a little spare time, then store them for when necessary.

Here are four uncomplicated options to make lunch on-the-go healthier  and much easier on your wallet while giving you the option of what foods to choose. Just try these four ideas and your wallet will be noticeably heavier in no time!


Quinoa is naturally healthy and provides plenty of energy and an excellent base for many types of protein, simply add a little chicken, whip up a dressing or use a store-bought sauce, sprinkle in some green and pepper and add to a tupperware container.


The main downside of using rice is it doesn’t keep for long, but 4-6 days is enough to cook a lot and use as a base to turkey, pork or beef. It’s not a dominant flavour so add lemon juice for a little zest.


Admittedly this isn’t a life-changing choice, but salad is so versatile and full of flavour that it’s one of the healthiest choices available, it’s easy to make, just buy a bag of leafy greens, chop a tomato, slice a carrot and maybe add a small portion of pasta and protein. Tuna salad is a fantastic choice along with Mediterranean alternatives using chorizo and olives.


Often overlooked but one of the easiest options to make, soup offers a hearty but light lunch for anyone at work or just out during the daytime. Just blend vegetables on a Sunday night, add a little cream or stock and prepare a quick ham sandwich. Most work environments have a microwave in the break room so you can just reheat the soup in a mason jar or heat-proof container and enjoy a tasty lunch at your desk!

So, 4 quick ideas to freshen up lunch without lightening your wallet. Leave a comment if you have any great ideas on what you do for lunch when you’re pressed for time. Don’t forget to share too.

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